Mental Health

Emergency telephone services:

  • Life line – 13 11 14
  • Suicide line – 1300 651 251
  • Psychologists:
    The Better Access program provides a Medicare rebate for psychologist consultations.
    To access this scheme you first need to make a GP appointment for a ‘GP Mental Health Treatment Plan’.
  • Finding a psychologist:
    Clinicare has psychologists consulting at the two practice locations: Tena Davies
    The Australian Psychological Society has a searchable database of psychologists:

The following online resources provide valuable information as well as online CBT therapy:

Mindfulness resources 

Meditation resources – Apps for mobile devices:

Books/ ebooks 

  • Live More Happy – Dr Darren Morton. Easy to read science-based guide to improving your mood.
  • The Blue Zones of Happiness – Dan Buettner. A deep dive into the science of what makes some people and communities happier than others.