Dr Malcolm Mackay – General medical practice and lifestyle medicine

Dr Malcolm Mackay is a General Practitioner with more than 30 years of experience in medical practice. He has a broad range of skills across the full spectrum of general practice. His practice is based at   Clinicare, Fitzroy, Melbourne. He also provides Telehealth consultations for patients from other regions of Australia.

Dr Mackay has a special interest in preventing and managing chronic disease with whole foods plant-based nutrition. He is co-author of a website providing information and resources for those interested in this approach and is active in social media. Malcolm and his nutritionist
partner Jenny host seminars and webinars and often speak at public and private events.

Future events:

  • One day plant-based nutrition seminar, Sunday 25th August 2019
  • 6-day Plant-based health immersion retreat, 8th to 13th September 2019


  • Consultations (in person)
  • Telehealth consultations (within Australia)


  • Nutrition one-day seminars
  • Nutrition & liefstyle immersion retreats
  • Workplace nutrition programs
  • Webinars
  • Available for speaking events

Qualifications & Training

Medical degree

  • BMBS – Flinders University (1984)

Additional training

  • Graduate Diploma in Human Nutrition – Deakin University (1993)
  • Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician (IBLM)
  • Plant Based Nutrition Certificate – eCornell
  • Certificate of Sports Medicine (ASMF/RACGP)

Professional affiliations

  • Fellow of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine
  • Doctors for Nutrition – GP Resources Advisor
  • GP Affiliate, Monash University

Recent conferences

  • Awarded Fellowship at the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine Conference, Auckland, June 2019
  • Doctors For Nutrition Conference, Melbourne, February 2019 (workshop presenter)
  • Veg and Vines Lifestyle Medicine Conference, Gisbourne NZ, January 2019 (conference presenter)
  • International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference USA, September 2018

Media presentations

For more information about whole foods plant based nutrition, visit my other website and associated Facebook page:

**Last chance to register for our final Melbourne seminar in 2019**

Restore your health and vitality with plant-based nutrition

During this seminar we touch on the why and how of whole food plant-based nutrition and include evidence-based principles for optimal health. It provides a good overview for those new to a plant-based diet or to those already plant-based who are trying to optimise their health through diet. Jenny and Malcolm are both qualified nutritionists (Deakin Uni) and have completed the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from eCornell. Malcolm is a practising GP and Jenny is also a qualified wellness coach.

When: Sunday 25th August 2019, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Location: Melbourne (Richmond)
Presenters: Dr Malcolm Mackay & Jenny Cameron
Cost: $129
A whole food plant-based lunch will be served
Places are limited – maximum 17

Topics covered:
- Basic principles of whole food plant-based nutrition
- What the research shows
- Health benefits of a whole foods plant-based diet
- Weight management
- Transition tips: Shopping and label reading, Cooking tips
- Making it work
- Q&A

Register here: www.wholefoodsplantbasedhealth.com.au/plant-based-nutrition-seminars/melbourne-seminar/

Facebook event listing for sharing: www.facebook.com/events/2427263370838200/

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