Telehealth Consultations

Information for Telehealth consultations:

  • **Changes to Medicare billing 20/7/20: A Medicare rebate for telehealth consultations is only available if you have seen Dr Mackay in person in the preceding 12 months OR you live in a Covid-19 impacted area (ie an area where your movement is restricted by the State) within Australia. If you are not in either of the above categories then full fees apply for which there is no Medicare rebate.**
  • Telehealth consultations (i.e. via Zoom or telephone) are subject to the same regulations and laws as in-office consultations in regard to privacy, record keeping and medical standards and ethics
  • Malcolm is only licenced to provide medical consultations within Australia
  • When you are ready to go ahead with a Telehealth consultation, please fill in the booking form to set up a suitable time
  • Malcolm will send you a Zoom meeting link prior to the appointment time

Book a telehealth appointment

Current fees:

The following fees apply for consultations:

  • Initial consultation up to 55 min duration – $150
  • Subsequent consultation 30 – 45 min duration – $110
  • Subsequent consultation of 20 – 30 min duration – $90
  • Subsequent brief consultation of < 20 min duration – $70
  • Subsequent ‘5 mins’ consultation – $30

Prior to a consultation:

Where appropriate, please email medical information to Malcolm prior to the initial consultation:

  • A list of medical conditions and long term medications, particularly if extensive
  • Recent pathology results (preferably scanned and emailed)
  • A three day food diary may sometimes be useful – a printable record sheet can found at:

3-day food diary

After a consultation

  • Prescriptions, pathology requests etc can be issued when required and are valid across Australia. These will be posted or emailed to you after the consultation
  • Malcolm may send you a post-consultation email summarising any recommendations made during the consultation as well as further information or links
  • Payment is made after the consultation and can be made by credit card via PayPal