Telehealth Consultations

Information for Telehealth consultations:

  • Telehealth consultations (i.e. via Zoom or Skype) are subject to the same regulations and laws as in-office consultations in regard to privacy, record keeping and medical standards and ethics
  • Malcolm is only licenced to provide medical consultations within Australia
  • There is no Medicare or private health insurance rebate for these consultations
  • When you are ready to go ahead with a Telehealth consultation, please contact Malcolm to set up a suitable time
  • Malcolm will send you a Zoom meeting link prior to the appointment time

Current fees:

  • Initial consultation up to 60 min duration – $150
  • Subsequent consultation 30 – 60 min duration – $110
  • Subsequent consultation of 20 – 30 min duration – $90
  • Subsequent brief consultation of < 15 min duration – $60

Prior to a consultation:

Where appropriate, please email medical information to Malcolm prior to the initial consultation:

  • A list of medical conditions and long term medications, particularly if extensive
  • Recent pathology results (preferably scanned and emailed)
  • A three day food diary may sometimes be useful – a printable record sheet can found at:

3-day food diary

After a consultation

  • Prescriptions, pathology requests etc can be issued when required and are valid across Australia. These will be posted or emailed to you after the consultation
  • Malcolm may send you a post-consultation email summarising any recommendations made during the consultation as well as further information or links
  • Payment is made after the consultation and can be made by credit card via PayPal
  • Following the consultation, Malcolm is happy to answer a few short questions by email but anything complex is best managed with a subsequent consultation