Lifestyle Medicine

Preventing, managing and reversing chronic disease

Lifestyle medicine is effective because it targets the cause of disease, for example stopping smoking rather than using more inhalers for chronic pulmonary disease.

The Australian diet, even without the sugar and junk food, is the cause of many chronic diseases – heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, gut disorders and auto-immune diseases for example. The type of food we eat also leads to weight gain and obesity – the problem is the food, not you!

A whole foods, plant-based diet and modest lifestyle changes have a powerful therapeutic effect against a wide range of health problems. For many conditions, it’s the safest and most effective therapy available and the side effects are improvements in other aspects of health rather than adverse effects.

I can help you to safely incorporate lifestyle changes into your current medical management, reducing or stopping medication as you progress.

The choice of how closely you adhere to a plant-based diet and other lifestyle changes is yours. I can provide medical support for which ever level of lifestyle change you choose.